Updated: Mar 21, 2021

If you haven’t already filled out a standard medical questionnaire, please ensure you have - contact me if I haven't already sent it to you a link of go to the PARQ page in this website to fill in online.

Payment Options

Bank Transfer

Account : 11204831

Sort code – 40-47-80

First Direct

Leigh Watkinson


I will send you a link to your phone or email which will take you to a secure payment system for you to enter your details

Please always use your name as a reference so I know who payments are from – thank you

For class :

Yoga mat

Wear comfortable clothing

Make sure you can see your screen ok throughout the class for tips and instructions – it might be worth having a little practice with whatever device you will be using for the camera beforehand

Try and ensure I can also see all of you either seated or standing during the class so I can let you know any adjustments that may be required ( if you need to move camera when we change from 1 area to another that will work fine – we wont keep moving up and down!)

A blanket or towel & possibly a jumper just for the end of the class when we will do a small relaxation lying down

Maybe a glass of water nearby too


Please note I operate on the platform zoom so you will need to have this downloaded, I will send you links to the sessions you book when you request

If you have any issues or want any help setting up then let me know and we could always do a little check beforehand

I will always aim to open the session 10 minutes early so you can get settled and have a little chat first and if you have any questions or want to go over anything at the end then let me know.

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