Office Yoga ( or work from home yoga now!)

Office Yoga!

Exercise is an important part of daily life, as is work. Walking, stretching and bending are parts of most jobs. If you're an office/home worker, these activities might not be an everyday part of your work life, and that's where these simple yoga stretches can benefit you.

All of our previous routines are all over the place at the moment due to the current situation. We are going out less, many more working from home and all under a lot more stress. We need to remember to take just a few moments for ourselves each day for our own wellness and also mental health.

Office yoga is defined simply as stretches and relaxation positions that can be properly executed in the office, in a chair. While yoga of any variety might look strange to some, being able to explain your actions to those around you before you participate in the exercise is recommended…..Although if you are working from home just expect a few weird looks from your dog / cat / child!

1 - Sit on the edge of your chair, keeping feet flat on the floor, about hip distance apart.

Keep your palms on your thighs, back straight. Maintain balance so that head is over heart, heart over hips.

Take a breath in and out, each for five counts. Repeat as desired.

2 -Start by inhaling while lifting your arms overhead, holding left wrist in right hand.

While exhaling, bend to the right. Hold that position for three breaths.

3 - While inhaling, come back to the center and change wrists.

Exhale, this time, lean to the left. Hold again for three breaths. Inhale and return. Exhale again, while releasing arms to sides.

4 - Move your shoulders in a circular motion, rolling them up, back and down. On fourth roll, lock fingers behind back while keeping arms as straight as possible.

5 - While inhaling, lift chest, creating a high small back bend. Hold and breathe in three full breaths. While exhaling, release hands, placing them on knees while rounding spine.

6 - To perform a quick, relaxing movement, bend your head down towards your chest. With chin down, take long, slow breaths in and out. Keeping eyes closed, try to think of nothing while breathing. This will aid in calming and relaxing from whatever stress has hit.

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