Being honest about your limitations in Yoga

I really should know better.... but im afraid i am guilty of ignoring my body's limitations and pushing myself too far sometimes.

This week i knew i had some increased neck pain, more numbness in my arm than usual and tightness going down my back but did i listen to myself - Big fat NO i'm afraid!

I carried on teaching yoga and not modifying my own practice to allow for my issues as well as walking between 6-12km a day with my large energetic dogs!

Ive had a chronic neck and shoulder issue for a long time - a compressed C6 disc which leads to reduced mobility, trapped nerves & loss of feeling and strength in my arm.

I am a huge advocate of making sure that you are finding the right yoga practice FOR YOU and understanding your body and its limitations. These may vary from day to day, week to week but you should always bee kind to your body and work with it and not against it.

I had a swift reminder of this after my emergency trip to the Chiropractor this week when i lost all feeling in my arm and was crying with pain.

Im now on the mend and still teaching yoga and walking dogs but being much more mindful of my long term issue and adapting for it.

I am now making a promise to myself - I will practice yoga with humility respecting my body and remembering to listen!

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