A Little More About Me


I currently live in Dawlish, Devon after relocating from Hertfordshire in 2015. I love living by the sea surrounded by forests and trees and I'm very appreciative of how lucky that makes me. 

When not walking my two huskies I also enjoy baking and trying out new recipes, so if you ever follow me on Facebook be prepared for lots of pics of dogs and food!

I've always had an interest in fitness and wellbeing, just in my own personal life as well as for work,  but I also really enjoy helping people to learn yoga that may have previously been curious about it but a bit intimidated to just turn up at a class. 

Enjoying yoga is about finding the right postures and positions FOR YOU and not the perfect images that are sometimes used for Yoga promotion. 

Yoga really is for everyone and you'll be surprised at the many benefits you will see in a relatively short space of time.